Business in Focus

Business owners...showcase your services and/or

product through the power of video

One minute of video equates to 1.8 million words.

Clients are 65% more inclined to buy a product or service after watching a video, verses browsing through a bunch of photos and some text

What We Do

There is a huge demand for businesses to showcase what the offer, but the expence hireing equipment and models is one of the main reasons why business owners hold back.

Instead, they whip out their mobile phones, take a few photos and shaky video, put these on social media and hope for the best...

With promotions being shot in 4k or full HD, plus being able to supply models to lend to your brand, at fraction of cost, this option should at least be considered.

On the left, we have 2 styles of how your advert can look. We have created a restaurant and a hair stylist.


Below we loaded one of our older videos showcasing a property for sale.

We recomend showcasing the area above bricks and cement. Buying into the area is very important in securing the sale.

As a matter of interest there are a few agents in the area who is quite happy to sell a four Million Rand property using 5 or 6 cell phone pics. Sellers should not acept this practice. They are paying huge sums as least they expect a full package concerning their home